Where is the nearest hotel/motel?
For a list of accommodations, please view our Places to Stay.

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1. How many tables and chairs are available?
2. Is there a kitchen and restrooms in the Freight Shed?
3. Do I need to obtain an ABC license to serve alcohol in the Freight Shed?
4. Can I reserve the public beach area or the lawn area next to the Freight Shed?
5. How do I find out if the day I want to reserve is available?
6. Can the furniture be taken outside and placed in the tent?
7. Can additional furniture be rented to use in the Freight Shed?
8. Are there any chairs available?
9. Where is the nearest hotel/motel?
10. What is the seating capacity of the Freight Shed?
11. What is included when I rent the Freight Shed?
12. What hours can the Freight Shed be used?
13. Are sparklers allowed outside at the Freight Shed?