What is there to do in Yorktown?

Yorktown, where Independence was won, is a year-round destination for history, shopping, outdoor recreation, fine dining, and special events. Come for a day, a weekend, or longer! The peaceful riverside village offers battlefields and museums, quaint shops, unique galleries, casual & fine dining, entertainment, and a relaxing beach. Stay overnight in lodging with a river view or nestled in the picturesque village. End your day with a sunset sail on the Schooner Alliance II or Serenity.

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1. How much does it cost to go to Yorktown? What are the hours of operation?
2. What is there to do in Yorktown?
3. How long does it take to tour Yorktown?
4. How far is Yorktown from Williamsburg?
5. What is the difference between the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center?
6. What is permitted / not permitted on the Yorktown Beach?
7. How often does the trolley run and what are the stops?
8. Is there anything going on the week/day we are visiting?
9. What is the street address for Yorktown and Riverwalk Landing
10. Where can I get a map or brochure of Yorktown?
11. Are pets permitted in Yorktown?
12. Can I reserve the trolley?
13. Where can I park in Yorktown?
14. Can we ride bikes in Yorktown?
15. Where can I have a wedding? Can I have a wedding on the beach? What are the requirements?
16. Is the event going on tonight? Will it be rescheduled?
17. Where can I find docking information?
18. Where can you fish in York County?
19. Where can we purchase a fishing license?
20. Lost and found. Did you leave something on the trolley?