7 New Year's Resolutions You Can Check Off Your List in Historic Yorktown

 5…4…3…2…1…Happy New Year! A new year means a fresh start for many. If you’ve put together your resolutions, we have a few suggestions on how to mark a few items off your list in the heart of Historic Yorktown.

1. Do something that scares you. Hear us out. We’re not talking about skydiving or swimming with Great White sharks (those are incredibly rare in the York River). Instead, we suggest watching a booming cannon demonstration at Yorktown Battlefield or taking a spooky ghost tour from Yorktown Ghost Walks

2. Perform a random act of kindness. You’ve heard the old Aesop expression: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  Why not spread the love and pay for a stranger’s beverage at Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters, or take a picture of a random family in front of the LOVE Letters?

3. Read a history book. History is the result of our actions. Learn from the past by picking up a historical read from the Yorktown Bookshop or the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. You’re bound to learn something you never knew. For example, did you know that Lord Cornwallis fought in battles in Yorktown, Ireland, AND Asia?

Yorktown Bookshop
Mobjack Smoothie

4. Explore somewhere you’ve never been before. Speaking of history, Yorktown is home to more than ten significant sites that educate guests about its residents and the impact of each in U.S. history. You can visit Cornwallis’ Cave, the Nelson House, the Watermen’s Museum, and more!

5. Talk less and listen more. Let one of the historians or interpreters at Yorktown Battlefield or the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown guide you through the history of the Battle of Yorktown and the Revolutionary War. 

6. Try a new restaurant. You won’t find any chain restaurants in Historic Yorktown. The area is home to eight unique eateries that serve up tasty, homemade fare – from soups, sandwiches, and cakes to sushi, fried fish, and burgers. Yummy to your tummy!

7. Send a postcard (or letter) to a random friend. – Haven’t heard from a friend in a while? Pick up a postcard or note card at Auntie M's American Cottage, the Gallery at York Hall, or Patriot Tours & Provisions and write a sweet message about your field trip to the area.

Cornwallis Cave
Gallery at York Hall Merchandise