Santa's Wish List

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus, and He Loves Yorktown

Dear Reader,

They say the North Pole is the most festive and magical place on earth. In my opinion, Yorktown is a close second, and this is because of its Southern hospitality and small-town charm. Therefore, you won’t be surprised to discover that many of the things on my Christmas wish list are from this historic area. Here are just a few:

1. A quilt from the Gallery at York Hall. Driving the sleigh on Christmas Eve can be quite chilly, but a beautiful, handcrafted quilt is the perfect way to stay warm. Knowing it is from a small business makes it even more special!
2. Carrot cake from the Carrot Tree Kitchens. Nothing makes Rudolph and the rest of the gang happier than this sweet treat made with their favorite ingredient -- carrots!  

Santa with three kids on his lap
Carrot Tree Kitchens carrot cake

3. Milk and Cookies Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s. After a long night of traversing the globe and getting stuck in chimneys, I like to reward myself with this delicious dessert. Their hot fudge sundaes also hit the spot when I’m not on a diet. Then again, I’m never on a diet! Ho! Ho! Ho!
4. A relaxing escape to a B&B. When surrounded by hundreds of elves and eight tiny reindeer, even Santa needs a break sometimes. That’s why Mrs. Claus and I like to sneak away to one of Yorktown’s adorable bed and breakfasts or the newly renovated Yorktown Beach Hotel. All of them are close to the beach and within walking distance of the historic area, shops, and restaurants.
5. An ornament from On the Hill Gallery or Auntie M’s American CottageYorktown is filled with artistic talent, so I love taking home a few ornaments and baubles to decorate the North Pole. The holiday markets are another great place to find unique decorations.

Hornsby House Inn with snow on the ground
On the Hill Gallery Christmas tree with ornaments

There you have it: my Yorktown wish list. If you are on the “Nice List,” you just might find a few of these under your tree, too. Until then, don’t be surprised if you see me around town this December. I’ll just be enjoying one of my favorite places this holiday season!
Merry Christmas to All!


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