13 Ways Historic Yorktown Supports Ecotourism

Fresh air. Breathtaking views. Clean sand. Captivating wildlife. What do all these things have in common? They’re part of Historic Yorktown’s ecosystem and contribute to an ecotourist’s paradise. 

According to VOX.com, ecotourism is “nature-based travel that aims to protect and empower the environment, animals, and local communities.” York County has taken great steps in maintaining the landscape of Historic Yorktown and keeping the region as green as possible. The town aims to attract all audiences, especially those who are passionate about the environment.

clean picnic area with trash cans

Here are 13 ways Historic Yorktown is eco-friendly and sustainable:

1. If you’re traveling to the area and need to recharge your electric car’s battery (and perhaps even your own), we have two recharging stations in the lower level of our parking garage on Water Street. One accommodates Teslas, while the second is universal.

2. Need to rehydrate? Several area restaurants in Historic Yorktown sell filtered water, juices, smoothies, coffee, and tea. However, they are only allowed to serve beverages with sustainable straws (or no straws at all). 

3. While food, beverages, and snacks are allowed on the beach, we do want all visitors to refrain from littering. That’s why we have conveniently spaced several trash cans along our one-mile beach and picnic area.

4. York County’s Public Works employees rake the beach to collect trash twice weekly and clear the walkways of sand and trash on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The department is also on a call to pick up debris before, after, and during popular events like concerts, markets, and special holiday events.

Recyclable bags and Coastal Thirst

5. During Yorktown Market Days annual Go Green Market, York County’s Beautification Committee teaches visitors about how efforts in sustainability can improve the local government.

6. Yorktown Market Days also gives away reusable shopping bags every Saturday.

7. A few of our market vendors are fans of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Coastal Thirst uses high-quality, BPA-free recyclable plastic bottles and gives customers $1 off for each one they return. The food truck also uses eco-friendly, plant-based plastic ware. Moonstruck Soap sells pouches that customers can fill up with cleaners and liquid soaps of their choice. Pop’s Kettle Corn offers discounted refills when customers bring their reusable buckets. Once the Virginia Oyster Company shucks the mollusks, they throw the shells back overboard to grow oyster reefs.

8. Riverwalk Landing Piers takes pride in being a part of Virginia’s Clean Marina Program, which aims to protect and improve the York River’s water quality and marine-life habitat.  

Riding an ebike at Riverwalk Landing

9. If you’re visiting the area after sunset or before sunrise, LED street lamps will illuminate so you can admire and observe your surroundings.

10. Geothermal well fields are used to keep Riverwalk Landing businesses cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

11. Sidewalks and bikeways encourage tourists to walk and bike in accessible areas around town.

12. Patriot Tours & Provisions gives tourists the opportunity to rent e-bikes, which offer zero emissions, use sustainable energy, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

13. Explore Yorktown’s natural beauty by biking or hiking on Yorktown Battlefield tour roads; watching birds or wildlife at the waterfront; or sailing on the York River.