Yorktown Market Days

Market Mission Statement

To serve as a community gathering place at the waterfront, where citizens and tourists can shop for local and regional high-quality products—all grown, caught, or created by Virginia farmers, watermen, artisans, and artists.

Achieving the Mission Through:

Wellness: ensure all families in the community have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options.

Education: teach the public about the importance of local agriculture heritage, and the historical role farmers and watermen have played in its evolvement over the years.

Community: provide a central hub that acts as a social meeting place for friends, family, and neighbors. The community can shop, be entertained, and have access to superior customer service during every visit.

Arts: increase awareness of Yorktown as an arts destination—providing high quality artwork, and offering support to regional painters, sculptors, photographers, and craftsmen.

Riverwalk Location: showcase the experiential value of the market which provides breathtaking views of the York River. Partner with waterfront attractions, stores, and restaurants in Riverwalk Landing to enhance the quality of the weekly markets, as well as the special themed market events.

Economy: create and stimulate economic development through the preservation of our local farmers, watermen, artisans, artists, and other small business owners.